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Arched Aluminum Frames
KYKLALOUMIN Papadakis - Energy Aluminum Frames
- Special Constructions of Aluminum - Iron & INOX - Metal Forming - Peristeri Attiki


KYKLALOUMIN is a pioneering name in the field of manufacturing arched aluminum frames. With a history that begins in 1989 in Peristeri, Attica, when Kostas Papadakis founded the company, and continues with the succession of his children, George and Vicky, from 2011 onwards, the company stands out for its expertise in the manufacture of impressive and functional arched aluminum frames.

The dedication to quality and the adoption of the most modern manufacturing technologies make KYKLALOUMIN a pioneer in the creation of arched windows that stand out for their aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency.

The company's experience extends throughout Greece, meeting the needs of professionals and private customers who are looking for specialized solutions for the design and construction of energy frames that offer modern aesthetics and high energy efficiency.

The company is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction, offering not only high quality products but also specialized construction services, meeting the requirements of modern architecture and specifications for energy efficient frames.