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Papadakis - Energy Aluminum Frames - Arched Aluminum Frames
- Special Constructions of Aluminum - Iron & INOX - Metal Forming - Peristeri Attiki


KYKLALOUMIN is the destination for professional aluminum and iron fabricators looking for high quality and advanced solutions in the field of construction. With over thirty years of experience, our company prides itself on delivering excellence and reliability in every project it undertakes.

We meet the needs of professionals from one end of Greece to the other, offering high quality products and services that exceed expectations. Whether it is aluminum constructions, ironworks or specialized constructions, KYKLALOUMIN is the guarantee for professional consistency and safety at every stage of the project.

What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence and consistency. Every project we undertake is approached with attention to detail and dedication to the quality of the end result. KYKLALOUMIN does not just manufacture, it creates solutions distinguished by aesthetics, durability and excellent execution.

Whether you are in Attica, or in any other part of the country, KYKLALOUMIN is here to support and realize your professional dreams with reliability and precision.