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Papadakis - Energy Aluminum Frames - Arched Aluminum Frames
- Special Constructions of Aluminum - Iron & INOX - Metal Forming - Peristeri Attiki


The history of the KYKLALOUMIN company begins in 1989 in Peristeri, Attica, when Kostas Papadakis decided to create an innovation factor in the construction industry. Thus, KYKLALOUMIN was founded, a company that demonstrates its commitment to high quality and innovative technology.

Since the beginning, the company has specialized in the manufacture of arched aluminum frames and specialized aluminum, iron and stainless steel structures, as well as metal forming. With the use of handmade curlers and love for the work, KYKLALOUMIN started as a pioneer in the field, meeting the needs of the market with an emphasis on high quality construction.

In 2011, the company entered a new phase with the active participation of Giorgos Papadakis, son of the founder. KYKLALOUMIN dynamically continues its professional path, maintaining its pioneering philosophy.

The company cooperates with two reliable companies, Europa and Alumil, thus proving its commitment to high quality and innovative technology. KYKLALOUMIN aims to constantly evolve and respond to the need for energy upgrading, using modern machinery and new aluminum systems.

KYKLALOUMIN addresses professional manufacturers throughout Greece and stands out for its consistency, immediate service and excellent quality of the final result. With specialized staff and continuous development, KYKLALOUMIN remains the choice for those looking for high-quality construction and customized solutions in the field of metal construction.